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Pierce County Snowmobiling

Pierce County provides the ultimate in snowmobile trail riding experience.  With over 225 miles of groomed trails cress-crossing the open rolling fields and the beautiful maple and oak forests.  Trail condition information and maps are available through the:

Pierce County Snowmobile Trail Coordinator
Nugget Lake County Park
N4351 Co. Rd. HH
Plum City  WI  54761


Registration fees and the gas tax on 50 gallons of gas per registered snowmobile help fund almost 16,000 miles of snowmobile trails.  Specifically, registration fees fund a combination of trail aids, law enforcement, safety education, registration systems and administration.  Gas tax revenues are dedicated solely to the trails program.  

The development and maintenance of Wisconsinís extensive network of snowmobile trails is accomplished through the efforts of thousands of snowmobile club members and private citizens.  Their volunteer time is spent performing the crucial tasks of negotiating with landowners for trail easements (70% of the trails are on private lands), preseason preparation, brushing, grading, signing the trails, trail grooming, safety inspections of the trails and fund raising to support the trail projects.  Please consider joining a snowmobile club Ė your help is needed.  By staying on the trail, you show your respect for the hard work of the local clubs and the rights of the property owners who have graciously allowed snowmobiling across their land 

Following are the most common violated snowmobile laws: 

Operation while intoxicated 

Fine is $572.00 for a first offense.  Repeat violations are higher. 

You must not operate a snowmobile if you are intoxicated.  You are deemed under Wisconsinís implied consent law to have consented to tests of your breath, blood, or urine for the purpose of determining the presence or quantity of alcohol or controlled substances in your blood or breath.

Improper or No Registration 

Fine of $136.90 for Non-registration 

All snowmobiles must be registered, either in your home state or in Wisconsin.  If your home state does not require registration, you must register your snowmobile in Wisconsin. 

If you have applied for registration, but have not yet received it, you must carry a validated copy of your registration application with you on the snowmobile.

Once you receive your decals and certificate of registration, the decals must be placed on the snowmobile before you operate it.  You must carry your registration with you on the snowmobile. 

Operation In the Vicinity of Highways 

Fine for most violations is $141.50 

All public roads in Wisconsin are considered highways. 

On state and county trunk highways you must stay at lease 10 feet from the roadway (the traveled position of the highway).  You may use the roadway to cross bridges, exercising due caution. 

On town (local non-numbered, non-lettered) roads, you must stay off the traveled portion of the highway.  You may use the roadway to cross bridges, exercising due caution. 

At night your direction of travel must conform to the direction of vehicle traffic in the nearest lane. 

You must observe posted speed limits.  These are limits that apply to vehicles traveling the road to which are adjacent. 

While traveling trails, whenever you cross a highway, you must come to a complete stop and yield the right-of-way to any vehicle traffic before crossing. 

Some public highways may be designated as snowmobile routes.  These are clearly marked as such by green and white signs, and orange trail blazes.  When operating on the routes, you may travel at the extreme right side of the roadway, at the speed limit.  You must yield to all vehicular traffic and pedestrians.  Stay off any roadway not marked as an official route. 

Age Restrictions 

The fine for an adult to allow under-age operation is $129.20. 

Under 12 years old may operate if accompanied by someone over 18.  Accompanied means on the same snowmobile. 

12 through 15 years old may operate if accompanied by someone over 18 or if they have successfully completed a recognized snowmobile safety class. 

Over 16 may operate as an adult. 

Operation Near Persons Not on Snowmobile/Dwellings 

Any time you are within 100 feet of any pedestrian or ice fishing shack, you must reduce your speed to 10 mph or under. 

Between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. you must reduce your speed to 10 mph or less when within 150 feet of any dwelling.