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 Property values for taxation are determined by the Local Township tax assessor and taxes for a given year are due in January  of   the following year.  However, the property owner does have the option of splitting the payment into two parts which are due January 31st and July 31. 

  The January payment is sent to the Village or Township Clerk and the July payment is sent directly to the County Treasurer in
  the  Ellsworth County Court House. 

  Associated with the Real Estate property tax is a Personal Property Tax.  In situations where the tax assessor determines that
  real  property is being used for commercial purposes, a personal property tax may be assessed in the same ratio as real estate
  taxes and is due January 31 of the following year. 

Property owners may challenge the tax assessors valuations by appearing before the Village or Township Board of Review prior to the close of the tax year.  The exact date and time of this review is provided with the tax assessors valuation notice.

Personal property and real estate taxes are determined by levies from (a) The State of Wisconsin (b) Pierce County (c) the local Township or Village (d) Chippewa Valley Tech, and (e) the local School District. 

Currently Pierce County residents are receiving some tax relief from the State in the form of a “School Levy Tax Credit and a lottery credit”. 

Refer to Township or Village page for detailed addresses and phone numbers for tax assessors and clerks. 


All  goods and services in Wisconsin are subject to a 5% State sales tax except for non-processed foods.  An additional ½ percent is collected by Pierce & St. Croix Counties making the total sales tax in these Counties is 5.5%.


Anyone living in Wisconsin or deriving income from within the State is subject to Wisconsin personal income tax.  Wisconsin personal income tax is based on the adjusted gross income subject to Federal Income Tax and is taxed at the rate of 4.77% to 6.77% depending on total value on the income involved. 

For complete details and necessary forms contact:                

                 Wisconsin Department of Revenue
                 PO Box 8903
                                 Madison  WI  53706-8903                
                 Phone: 608-267-9420
                 FAX:  608-267-0834 

                 Internet:  www.dor.state.wi.us